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Parking Garage Accidents And Injuries


As drivers, many of us use indoor parking garages on a regular basis. Whether a structure operated by a private company, or an indoor garage that is part of a larger apartment building, many people make use of these kinds of parking structures without a second thought. Unfortunately, while they may seem safer than outside lots or street parking, indoor garages can be dangerous, with some finding themselves the victims of physical assault, theft, falls, and car accidents. It is, however, possible to hold negligent parking garage owners and managers liable for their failure to keep drivers safe, so if you were the victim of a theft, assault, fall, or car accident in a parking structure, you should think about reaching out to an experienced Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer who can evaluate your case and advise you accordingly.

Common Parking Garage Injuries and Damages

Most parking garages aren’t free to use, but require payment by the hour or a fee that is included as part of a lease or condo agreement. In return, users expect the area to be kept safe and free of hazards. Unfortunately, this is not always true and parking garage users may find themselves the victim of:

  • Assaults, with parking garages often targeted because they are largely empty of people and have vast spaces;
  • Theft or a break-ins, with thieves often attracted to popular parking garages, where motorists may leave valuables in their car;
  • Hit and run crashes, where one driver has collided with another, but failed to leave a note or notify the other driver;
  • Car and pedestrian crashes, which are relatively common in parking garages due to the presence of blind corners and blind spots and poor lighting; and
  • Falls, which can occur anywhere in a parking facility, but often happen when a person is entering or exiting the garage via a stairwell or elevator.

The injuries and physical damage resulting from these kinds of incidents can be serious. Fortunately, it is often possible to recover compensation for these losses from negligent property owners.

Who is Liable?

When a person pays a parking garage, whether hourly or as part of a regular monthly or yearly fee, he or she can expect a certain degree of care on the part of the facility’s owner. This includes an expectation that the garage owner will install security cameras in the structure, or if located in a high-crime area, will station a security guard at the entrance and exit to the facility. Ensuring that proper lighting is used and that stairwells are kept free of clutter and spills and are equipped with railings is also a typical responsibility for garage owners. Even placing signs in the structure warning drivers to avoid leaving valuables in their vehicles can go a long way towards preventing crime.

Unfortunately, not all property owners fulfill these responsibilities, leaving parking garage users at risk of serious injury or significant property damage. Alternatively, it could be another driver, whose carelessness caused a crash or fall. In either case, the negligent parties could be held liable for their carelessness.

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