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Fort Lauderdale Tanker Truck Accident Attorney

While most commercial semi trucks have long, rectangular trailers, these trailers are simply not suitable for certain types of cargo. For instance, oversized cargo may have to be hauled on a flatbed trailer. Furthermore, traditional trailers cannot contain cargo that is in liquid or gas form. Liquids and gases must be regularly transported just like other types of goods and this type of cargo requires a tanker truck.

Tanker trucks are the commercial vehicles with long, cylindrical metal tanks instead of the traditional trailer. There are special methods of loading and unloading these trucks, as well as specific risks that are particular to driving tankers because they have a higher center of gravity than other types of commercial vehicles. When this type of truck is involved in a crash, it can cause particularly serious and widespread damage unique to this type of vehicle.

While tanker truck accident cases can be complex, injured victims still deserve to fully recover financially for their losses as in any other type of truck accident. A Fort Lauderdale tanker truck accident attorney at Boone & Davis is equipped to help you with your claim so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Cargo Issues With Tanker Trucks

One reason that tanker trucks can cause severe damage is the nature of the cargo that may be in the tank, which can vary significantly. In fact, many tankers have internal dividers that allow the same truck to haul multiple types of cargo. Cargo is an important consideration for multiple reasons when it comes to tanker truck accidents.

First, liquid cargo must be loaded in a specific manner to avoid accidents. If a tank is filled to an improper level, the liquid may slosh around in the tank as the truck drives, especially on turns. This sloshing can throw off the balance in the tank trailer, causing it to sway outside of its designated lane. In some cases, the balance may be so off that it causes the truck driver to lose control of the truck. This can often result in a jackknife accident or a rollover accident. Because tanks are cylindrical, rollovers can cause significantly more damage than a regular trailer, which usually just rolls over on its side.

In a rollover or any other type of crash, a cargo spill is particularly common with tanker trucks. Cargo spills can cause widespread damage in a variety of ways, including:

  • Pressurized tanks can be pierced and can explode;
  • Flammable liquids such as gasoline can leak and can ignite or explode;
  • Toxic chemicals in HAZMAT trucks can be released into the air or on the ground, creating the risk of chemical burns or illness.

Because of the serious risks of toxic cargo, HAZMAT tankers require a special endorsement and training to drive. If a driver operates a HAZMAT without the proper training or standard of care, many people can be injured.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Tanker Truck Accident Attorney for Help Today

Victims of truck accidents deserve to recover for all of their medical bills and related losses, and a Fort Lauderdale tanker truck attorney at Boone & Davis can help you do just that. Please call for a free consultation at 954-566-9919 today.

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