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Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship Safety Drill Accident Attorney

Cruise companies have an obligation to keep their passengers and crewmembers safe while onboard a cruise ship. Safety drills with passengers and crew help minimize the chances of accidents and injuries while onboard, but sometimes the drills can be just as dangerous as the actual event. If a cruise passenger or crewmember is injured while participating in a safety drill, they may have a claim for compensation under the Jones Act and other maritime law. Boone & Davis are experienced Fort Lauderdale cruise ship injury attorneys and will fight for your rights to compensation after a cruise ship safety drill accident.

Passenger Safety Drills

While seasoned cruise passengers are aware, not all passengers know that cruise ships perform an emergency safety drill at the beginning of every journey. This muster drill ensures that every passenger knows where to go on deck to board the lifeboats, how their life vests work, and what steps each passenger must take to safely evacuate the ship in case of emergency. However, with thousands of passengers all trying to figure out where to go and what to do during a muster drill, accidents can occur. Oftentimes, this is the result of negligent staff not helping to guide passengers, but slippery decks, loose equipment, and other hazards onboard also cause injuries during passenger safety drills. An experienced cruise ship injury attorney will be able to review the facts of your case to determine what your legal options are against the cruise company.

Crewmember Safety Drills

Every year, dozens of cruise ship crewmembers and seamen are injured and killed during mandated safety drills. When these accidents are caused by the negligence of the cruise company or the unseaworthiness of the ship, crewmembers are entitled to compensation for their injuries. International law requires that cruise ship crewmembers participate in a lifeboat safety drill at least once per month, and most cruise lines require the crew to get on the lifeboats during the exercise. These boats are lowered from great heights, with crew on board, and lifted back up and re-stowed. Other safety drills involving tender boats and equipment on the ship also have the potential to cause great harm to crewmembers if not done with the proper safety procedures in place.

Many incidents that occur during lifeboat and other crew safety drills could have been prevented if the cruise company had better safety procedures in place for their workers. If you have been injured during a company mandated safety drill, you may have a claim under maritime and admiralty laws for compensation against your employer.

Injured During a Safety Drill? Do Not Hesitate to Call.

Safety drills are intended to minimize injuries on a cruise ship, but negligence during these drills can cause devastating accidents and injuries to passengers and crewmembers alike. If you have been injured during a safety drill on a cruise ship, call or contact Boone & Davis now. Located in Fort Lauderdale, our experienced personal injury attorneys will provide a free, confidential review of your claims and zealously advocate for the compensation you deserve from the cruise companies.

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