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Traffic Accident Deaths On The Rise

It is impossible to turn on the news without hearing about traffic accidents everywhere. A five-car pileup on the highway, a drunk driver hitting a pedestrian, a hit and run that leaves injured victims in the streets – is it just our imagination, or are there more accidents occurring all the time? The death toll just seems to keep rising. It is not our imagination, after all – the National Safety Council recently reported that 2015 saw the greatest increase in traffic accident fatalities ever. Overall, traffic accident fatalities increased eight percentage points – and some states surpassed that national average greatly. Florida, for example, experienced an 18 percent increase in the number deaths resulting from traffic accidents. Experts say that a number of factors contribute to these increases – the economy is stronger, unemployment is down, gas prices are down, more people are on the roads, and people are driving more miles. Unfortunately, despite some of these factors being quite positive signs on their own, they have collectively contributed to making 2015 the deadliest year on the roads in the last seven years.

Texting And Driving – A Deadly Combination

One potential factor in the rise in traffic accident deaths was not mentioned, but studies have shown texting while driving to be a huge factor in traffic accidents. Our increased reliance and, in some cases it seems, even addiction to technology are likely to blame for this rise in fatalities on the roads. Florida, as many other states, takes this problem quite seriously and has passed laws against the act of texting while driving. Florida Code Section 316.305 breaks it down into specifics, but the bottom line is that texting while driving is against the law, period. The law was passed to improve safety for everyone on the roads, to prevent crashes, to reduce injuries, deaths and other losses associated with traffic accidents, and to authorize police officers to enforce the law.

The Exceptions To The Rule

There are some exceptions to those who are banned from texting while driving, such as those involved with emergency vehicle services, those using technology to navigation purposes, or those using hands-free systems, but these exceptions are narrow and specific. Additionally, the law provides for phone billing records to be used if a crash has resulted in death or personal injury as evidence in court proceedings to determine whether a violation took place. What is the best way to prevent yourself from getting caught up in these situations? Texting can wait until you are no longer behind the wheel. There is no message so important to risk the lives of your passengers, the lives of other people on the road, or your own.

The Attorneys At Boone & Davis Are Here To Help

If you or someone you know has been the victim of an accident involving texting and driving, contact the experienced professionals at Boone & Davis in Fort Lauderdale. Our knowledgeable attorneys have handled all types of accident cases and will work with you to help you get the results you deserve. You do not have to face a complicated court system with your personal injury case on your own. Our attorneys will guide you through your legal matter competently and compassionately and will work diligently on your behalf. Contact us to discuss how we can help you get started right away.

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