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How Accident Reconstruction Could Help Your Claim


With some car accidents, fault can quickly be determined through the use of video recordings and eyewitness testimony. Many car accidents, however, are difficult to assess, especially when multiple parties are involved. In these cases, an accident reconstruction expert can play a key role in determining who should be financially liable for a collision. Call our office today to speak with an experienced Fort Lauderdale auto accident lawyer about how an accident reconstruction specialist could help with your own case.

Investigating the Crash

Vehicular accident reconstruction is the process of investigating, assessing, and coming up with conclusions about the causes of, and events that occurred during a particular collision. The first step in this process is conducting a thorough investigation where experts interpret the physical evidence from an accident, as well as photographs from the crash. As a part of the investigation, an expert will:

  • Visit the scene of the crash;
  • Examine all of the vehicles involved in the collision;
  • Inspect and photograph other objects involved in the crash;
  • Collect visual evidence, such as traffic videos and accident scene photos
  • Review victim, eyewitness, and police reports;
  • Examine physical evidence, like tire marks;
  • Review environmental conditions at the time of the crash;
  • Inspect the road surface and the positioning or road signs and signals;
  • Examine the vehicles for mechanical or safety issues; and
  • Review crash test reports.

All of this information is then used to reconstruct what happened during a particular accident.

Analyzing and Interpreting the Data

Once the evidence has been collected, an accident reconstruction expert will use computer software and models to create a second-by-second analysis of the accident, including:

  • Points of impact;
  • Vehicle movements
  • Speed estimates;
  • Vehicle points of rest; and
  • Occupant movements and ejections.

This information, along with details about the lighting, environment, roadway, traffic, and driver error, as well as physics and engineering factors will be used to create diagrams and simulations that reconstruct the events preceding, during, and following a crash. By utilizing accident reconstruction tools, injury victims can clearly and effectively present what happened during a particular accident in negotiations, and if necessary, in the courtroom.

When an Accident Reconstruction Could Help

An experienced legal team is often able to help an injury victim prove that another driver was at fault without consulting an accident reconstruction specialist. This kind of expert help could, however, be necessary if:

  • Evidence from the crash is difficult to locate;
  • The injury victim was severely injured and doesn’t recall details of the crash;
  • There are no eyewitnesses who saw the accident;
  • There are no video recordings of the accident;
  • Multiple vehicles were involved in the crash; or
  • The injuries sustained in the accident were particularly severe.

Whether your own case will require expert knowledge from an accident reconstruction specialist will depend on the facts of your case.

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