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Staying Safe In The Skies

Whether we are flying for business or pleasure, we want to stay safe during our flight. Thankfully, the aviation industry has worked hard to minimize the dangers associated with airplane travel, and it is considered to be the safest way to travel. To be sure, many understand that there is a much higher risk of being involved in an auto accident than an airplane accident. Despite the safety measures in place, however, injuries can occur during flights – a lot of times as a result of turbulence. A recent incident involving an American Airlines flight that departed Miami for Milan resulted in injuries to several passengers and flight attendants when the aircraft encountered turbulence. The flight was diverted from its route and made a safe emergency landing in Newfoundland; paramedics met the plane and assisted the injured parties. According to the article, fortunately, none of the injuries were life-threatening. The story also notes that the seat belt lights were on during the turbulence, and this factor alone probably helped to keep the injury list low.

Keep It Buckled

Those who fly even occasionally are familiar with the routine. Before the aircraft even pulls away from the gate, the flight attendants begin their safety announcements. Along with the information about emergency exits, oxygen masks, and life preservers, they remind us that smoking is no longer allowed on any flight and warn us against smoking in the lavatories. Perhaps the single most important piece of information they give us, however, is that seat belts must be worn while the seat belt light is on, and even when it is not on, it is advisable to stay buckled up whenever you are in your seat. Most of us do not think twice about following this simple instruction, and it is definitely in our best interest to do so.

Why Is Seat Belt Use So Important During The Flight?

According to a recent article aptly entitled The Real Reason You Should Wear Your Seat Belt on Airplanes, turbulence is the cause of most injuries incurred on an airplane. Wearing a seat belt during take-off and landing seems to be just plain common sense – the sheer force of a take-off pushes one back into the seat and, during landing, one could easily be forced out of the seat during the extreme braking. During a flight, however, a pilot is most often able to tell when the plane may be at the risk of flying through turbulence. Keeping passengers and flight attendants securely in their seats during these times goes a long way in preventing turbulence-related injuries.

Take Action Today to Recover For Your Personal Injury

If you or someone close to you has been involved in an accident, whether in the skies or on land, and has suffered personal injuries as a result, contact the office of Boone & Davis. We can help you explore your options for relief and fight for your rights. Our attorneys have experience with all types of personal injury matters and will be able to evaluate your case and explain what you need to do to recover what you are entitled to. The law limits the time you have to file your lawsuit, so do not delay. Contact us online or call 954-556-5260 today to get started.

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