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Lower Limb Trauma In Motorcycle Accidents


While motorcycle accidents are often associated with head injuries, some of the most commonly suffered injuries are actually to the lower limbs. Fractures of the tibia and fibula are especially common, as are femur injuries. Depending on the severity of the break, fractures to the lower limbs can be both painful and difficult to treat, often leaving victims with chronic pain and permanent disability. For help recovering compensation for your own accident-related lower limb injury, please call our dedicated Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyers today.

Leg Injuries

Broken bones in the leg are perhaps the most common lower leg injuries suffered by motorcycle accident victims. The tibia and fibula are particularly prone to injury, a trend that has largely been attributed to their superficiality and exposed position while riding. In fact, some studies indicate that tibia and fibula injuries account for nearly 95 percent of all motorcycle accident-related leg injuries. Thigh and knee fractures are also common amongst motorcycle accident victims. While wearing leg protectors can help prevent these kinds of injuries, they are no guarantee of safety.

Hip Injuries

Leg fractures are not the only type of injury that motorcycle accident victims can sustain. Hip injuries, for instance, are also common, with hip dislocation in particular making up nearly 40 percent of all hip injuries. Intertrochanteric femur fractures, breaks in the femur neck, and fractures to the femur head are also common and can result in significant pain and an inability to walk.

Pelvic Injuries

Different forms of pelvic fractures are also common amongst motorcycle accident victims, an injury that could also be accompanied by dislocation. Most high-impact pelvic fractures, like those sustained in motorcycle accidents, require emergency medical attention and may necessitate reconstructive surgery, as well as physical therapy.

Recovering Compensation for a Lower Limb Injury

Although they tend to be less severe than chest and head injuries, which also regularly top the list of the most common motorcycle accident injuries, damage to the lower limbs can still be painful, debilitating, and potentially life-threatening. Accident victims with these kinds of injuries can expect to spend time in the hospital, to require physical therapy and surgery, and to spend at least a few weeks, and probably more, out of work. Fortunately, the cost of diagnosis and treatment can be recovered by victims who can prove that someone else’s negligence caused their accident. To learn more about the kinds of evidence you’ll need to obtain to prove negligence in your own accident case, please reach out to our office today.

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Suffering a lower limb injury can have significant repercussions for motorcyclists, who may face a grueling uphill battle when it comes to treating their injury. Fortunately, accident victims don’t need to face the prospect of obtaining compensation for their losses on their own. Call 954-566-9919 today to speak with someone at Boone & Davis about how having a dedicated Florida motorcycle accident lawyer on your side can affect the outcome of your case.



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