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Low Speed Collisions with Pedestrians


Most people associate car accidents with collisions on the freeway or on busy streets. However, the reality is that thousands of people are injured every year in collisions with slow moving vehicles in driveways and parking lots. In fact, last month a woman tragically lost her life after she was hit by a car backing out of a parking spot. According to police reports the driver acknowledged that she saw the woman behind her vehicle and so attempted to put her car in “Park.” Unfortunately, she mistakenly placed the car in “Reverse,” after which it started to roll backwards. At this point, the driver attempted to hit the brake, but instead pressed the gas pedal and accelerated the vehicle straight into the victim. This type of tragic accident is all too common, so if you were injured by a vehicle while walking in a parking lot or on the sidewalk, it is critical to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer who can help you seek compensation for your losses.

The Dangers of Low Speed Crashes

Pedestrians are always at a disadvantage when it comes to collisions with vehicles, as they are left completely exposed to the force of the impact and are not protected by airbags and seat belts. For these reasons, even low speed collisions pose a danger to pedestrians who can sustain serious and even deadly injuries. In fact, studies published by the Department for Transport in London indicate that the estimated risk of a pedestrian losing his or her life in a collision with a vehicle is as high as nine percent if they are struck at a speed of 30 mph or less.  If the victim is elderly or a child, the risk is even higher.

Pedestrians who are injured in collisions with vehicles suffer from a wide range of devastating injuries. However, certain injuries are especially common, including:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI), caused by the skull striking the vehicle itself or the pavement upon impact;
  • Broken or crushed bones, which often occur upon impact or when the victim is run over;
  • Nerve damage caused by injury to the spinal cord; and
  • Internal bleeding or organ damage.

These types of injuries are not only expensive to treat and potentially deadly, but can also leave victims struggling with permanent disability. TBIs, for instance, can cause memory, cognitive, and behavioral problems, all of which can make it difficult, if not impossible, for the injured party to hold down a job, leaving him or her with no way to pay mounting medical bills. To ensure that you or your loved ones receive compensation for your own accident-related injuries, please contact an experienced attorney for advice.

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