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Car Accident Facial Injuries

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Facial injuries, which are a common consequence of car accidents, are usually the result of a driver hitting his or her face on the airbag, steering wheel, or dashboard. These kinds of injuries are often difficult and expensive to treat and may even result in permanent disfigurement, making it especially important for those who sustain facial injuries, to speak with an experienced Fort Lauderdale auto accident lawyer who can help them seek compensation for their medical bills and pain and suffering.

Facial Fractures

The human face is made up of 14 bones that fuse together to protect the eyes, nasal and oral cavities, and the sinuses. While they don’t fracture easily (because they are connected to other bones in the area), they can and do break if enough pressure is placed on them. An airbag that strikes a person’s face, could, for instance, expand with enough force to break a bone. Motorists could also suffer facial fractures after:

  • Striking the steering wheel or dashboard upon impact;
  • Coming into contact with broken glass;
  • Being struck by accident debris or objects inside the vehicle; and
  • Being ejected from the vehicle.

While any of the bones in the face could fracture upon impact in a car crash, the lower jaw, cheekbones, and nasal bones are particularly prone to injury, due to their placement on the face.

Facial Burns

Fractures aren’t the only type of facial injury that a person can sustain in a car accident. Many accident victims, for instance, suffer facial burns if their car accident results in a car fire or explosion. In other cases, a facial burn could be the result of the deployment of an airbag, which requires high temperature thermal gases to inflate. This sudden expansion can result in severe friction burns that may be worsened upon the deflating of the airbag, which can cause thermal and alkali burns.

Facial Lacerations

Lacerations are another common facial injury sustained by car accident victims. While they can occur upon striking a hard surface, like a dashboard or steering wheel, car accident-related lacerations are often caused by a sharp object, such as a broken piece of glass. Unfortunately, even when carefully treated, deep facial lacerations can result in permanent scarring and in some cases, muscle and tissue damage.

Facial Soft Tissue Injuries

Even car accident victims who are fortunate enough to avoid facial fractures, burns, or lacerations during their collision, could end up suffering from a soft tissue injury. These injuries occur when the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and other fibrous tissues in the face experience a forceful impact. Whether bruised or lacerated, soft tissue injuries on the face can cause permanent impairment to facial functions or even permanently change someone’s appearance.

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