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Recent Blog Posts


Recovering Damages for Speeding-Related Accidents

By Editor |

Most people are aware that engaging in certain types of behavior while behind the wheel can significantly increase a person’s risk of being involved in an accident. For instance, driving while distracted, violating traffic laws, or driving while under the influence are dangerous to anyone on the road. A new study, however, has revealed… Read More »


Florida Numbered Amongst Top Ten States with Most Railroad Crossing Fatalities

By Editor |

Although trains are perhaps not the first vehicle that comes to mind when we hear the word crash, a recent publication issued by the Federal Railroad Administration reveals that railroad accidents should be a legitimate concern for U.S. residents. This is especially true for those who work, travel, or live in Florida, which was… Read More »


Rollover Accidents Caused by Vehicle Defects

By Editor |

While most car accidents have a wide range of causes, certain types of collisions can usually be linked to a specific reason. Rollover accidents, for instance, are often the result of a vehicle defect. Filing claims based on these types of collisions can be difficult, as it usually requires the filing of a lawsuit… Read More »


Legal Remedies for Jackknife Accidents

By Editor |

Most jackknife accidents occur because of a defect in the road, poor weather, or a blown tire. However, these are not the only causes of these accidents, which can also be attributed to driver error, or even another motorist’s negligence. This can make determining who is responsible for an accident extremely difficult, which in… Read More »


Statute of Limitations and Exceptions for Personal Injury Claims

By Editor |

In Florida, individuals who are injured in accidents through no fault of their own can recover financial compensation for their losses by filing a personal injury suit against the at-fault party. However, this is only possible when injured parties file claims within a certain amount of time, known as a statute of limitations. Plaintiffs… Read More »


How Dram Shop Liability Could Affect Your Accident Claim

By Editor |

Most people are aware that driving while intoxicated is illegal and that those who injure someone while driving under the influence can be held liable for resulting damages. Unfortunately, there are often factors that hinder an injured party’s ability to recover the full scope of his or her losses in these situations. For this… Read More »


Swimming Pool Liability

By Editor |

In summer, more and more Florida residents are finding their way to local swimming pools. While swimming has proven to be a good way to cool off, get exercise, and provide hours of fun for children, it can also be dangerous, leading to serious injuries and even death. When these tragic accidents could have… Read More »


Rear-End Collisions and Resulting Back and Neck Injuries

By Editor |

According to the Insurance Information Institute, approximately 6.4 million car crashes occurred in 2017 alone, which resulted in roughly 1.9 million injuries. Although these statistics cover a number of different kinds of car accidents ranging from head-on collisions to sideswipe crashes, a large proportion of the collisions involved at least one vehicle rear ending… Read More »


Florida Drunk Driving Accidents

By Editor |

Despite the criminalization of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, people still continue to drink and drive, a practice that leads to an estimated 30 deaths a day in the U.S. These types of accidents can forever change the lives of those who are involved, causing serious injuries that require weeks… Read More »


Florida Supreme Court Orders Return to Daubert Evidentiary Standard

By Editor |

In order to demonstrate liability in civil cases, plaintiffs in Florida must submit evidence to the judge or jury that is both convincing and satisfies the necessary evidentiary standards. In prior years, the threshold that plaintiffs needed to meet was known as the Frye standard, or the general acceptance test, but after the findings… Read More »

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