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Common Driving Mistakes in Florida


Even the most careful driver can make a simple mistake that ends up causing an accident. Unfortunately, this happens a lot in Florida, which regularly ranks as one of the most dangerous states for drivers in the country. Read on to learn more about some of the most common driving mistakes we see in Florida.

Failing to Use Turn Signals

 One of the simplest, but most overlooked steps that drivers can take to help avoid being the cause of a crash is to use their turn signals when turning or changing lanes. This lets other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists know what a driver intends and gives them a chance to adjust their own driving in relation to the other vehicle. Using turn signals should be a habit, so it’s best to always do so, even when another driver isn’t nearby.

Driving Distracted 

Despite awareness campaigns and increasingly stringent laws, distracted driving still occurs at an alarming rate across the U.S. Unfortunately, Florida isn’t immune from this trend. In fact, in 2021, more than 56,000 car accidents were attributed to distracted driving. While most people think of texting and driving or otherwise using one’s cell phone while on the road as the only form of distracted driving, this is far from true. In reality, anything that takes a driver’s eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or mind off of driving qualifies as a distraction and poses a risk to other road users. Common examples include:

  • Eating and drinking;
  • Using in-vehicle technologies;
  • Talking with passengers;
  • Grooming;
  • Reaching for items in the backseat; and
  • Daydreaming.

Of course, using electronics while driving is also dangerous, as it falls under all three types of distraction.


Whether running late for an appointment, not paying attention, or merely attempting to stay with the flow of traffic, speeding is another driver behavior that is being linked to more and more accidents. This is why it’s so important for drivers to follow the speed limits closely, as failing to do so gives drivers less time to react and significantly increases stopping time. Furthermore, in the event that an accident does occur, speeding almost always means that the injuries will be more severe and may even be fatal. In 2022, speeding was a contributing factor in almost 30 percent of traffic fatalities.

Speeding Through Yellow Lights 

Most of us have been guilty of speeding up when we see a traffic light turn yellow. This can seem harmless, but is actually quite dangerous, as it is easy to misjudge these situations and actually end up running a red light. To be safe, drivers should always start to slow down when they see a yellow light and come to a safe stop before entering the intersection.

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