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Accident Reconstruction


In many car accidents, fault can quickly be assigned due to the presence of multiple witnesses, proof from video cameras, and testimony from the drivers themselves. In cases that involve complex accidents, however, assigning fault could be more difficult and so require a reconstruction of the accident. Accident reconstructions are conducted by experts who take into account all variables involved in an accident, including the time line of events, the position of the vehicles after the collision, the damage resulting from the collision, and the injuries sustained by those who were involved, after which, they create a clear picture of what happened during the accident. To learn more about how an accident reconstruction specialist could help you demonstrate fault in your own accident, please contact a member of our dedicated car accident legal team today for assistance.

What are Accident Reconstructions?

After a complex accident that involves multiple vehicles, serious injuries, or whose cause remains unknown, one of the best ways to determine liability is to consult with an expert in accident reconstruction. Accident reconstruction is the process of using scientific methods to determine the circumstances and contributing factors of a car accident. For instance, by measuring skid marks, the placement of vehicles after an accident, the occupants’ injuries, and eyewitness accounts, accident reconstruction specialists can determine:

  • A timeline of events;
  • How fast vehicle was traveling at the time of impact;
  • How much the vehicle slowed during braking;
  • The severity of a collision;
  • What direction the vehicles were traveling prior to impact;
  • The angles at which the vehicles collided; and
  • Each driver’s degree of visibility at the time of the accident.

Ultimately, these elements can be used to determine who was at fault for an accident. In reaching this determination, experts review a wide range of material, including:

  • Eyewitness statements and deposition transcripts;
  • Photographs from the scene of the accident;
  • The injured parties’ medical records;
  • Photographs of passenger injuries;
  • Crash test reports;
  • Repair estimates;
  • Reports from vehicle inspections;
  • Photographs of pre-impact skid marks, post-impact tire marks, and gouge marks; and
  • Weather reports from the day of the accident.

Once formulated, a decision is then reduced to writing in a comprehensive report that may also be accompanied by a 3D representation of the collision. This evidence can prove crucial to the success of a plaintiff’s case, so if you were injured in a multi-car pile-up, or another complex accident, it is important to speak with a car accident attorney who has the resources to connect you with the experts who can help reconstruct your accident.

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Proving who was at fault for an accident isn’t always easy. In these cases, it is critical for injured parties to contact a car accident attorney who can help gather the evidence necessary to establishing their claim. To learn more about determining who was at fault in your own accident, please call 954-566-9919 and a member of our dedicated legal team will help you schedule a free case evaluation with one of the experienced car accident attorneys at Boone & Davis in Fort Lauderdale today.



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