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The Risk of External Distractions While Driving


While the danger of certain types of distractions for drivers, namely cell phones and other electronic devices, as well as eating and drinking, have been well-documented, less attention is paid to the perils of external distractions. Although often overlooked, external distractions, such as road construction, previous collisions, the actions of other motorists, and other obstructions outside of the vehicle, play a a significant factor in contributing to collisions. Fortunately, accident victims can still recover compensation after collisions involving these kinds of external distractions, so if you were hurt in a car crash because another driver became distracted by something outside of the vehicle, it is important to speak with an experienced

Fort Lauderdale auto accident lawyer about seeking compensation for your losses.

Road Construction

Our world is full of external distractions, especially for drivers, who are often bombarded with advertising on billboards and the actions of other drivers, while trying to operate their vehicles safely. Of these many distractions, road construction often proves to be the most common and dangerous obstacle for motorists. Whether conducted by independent companies in conjunction with state and local authorities, or by state or municipal employees themselves, road construction can make driving extremely difficult, as drivers are forced to contend with lane closures, distracting signage, temporary cones and barriers, heavy machinery, and unusual speed limits.


Besides road construction, today’s drivers are often assaulted by a wide variety of advertising-related roadside distractions, including everything from employees dressed in costumes and spinning roadside signs to the use of flashy signs, flags, and balloons. While permits are required in some places for this kind of advertising, it is not uncommon for there to be little enforcement of these regulations, which can result in accidents, especially on busy streets where the roads are often congested or have heavy pedestrian traffic.

Other Accidents

Injury claims can also be complicated when a crash occurs that can be linked to a previous accident. This typically involves motorists unknowingly driving into previous collisions, the blocking of part of the roadway by other vehicles (including police cars), and the presence of accident scene debris, which is often difficult, or even impossible to avoid. In these cases, when one crash can be linked to a subsequent accident, the parties responsible for the first collision could be held at least partially liable for later accidents.


Whether they take the form of overgrown vegetation near railroad tracks, building violations, stopping unlawfully near intersections, or crowded parking lot entrances, visual obstructions contribute to thousands of accidents every year. Fortunately, municipal agencies, property owners, and private companies can be held liable if their negligence leads to this kind of accident.

Experienced Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyers

Although it is possible to hold  a person, company, or other third party liable for its involvement in causing a car accident, doing so can be difficult. Please call the dedicated Florida car accident lawyers at Boone & Davis to learn more about how we can help. You can set up a free case review by calling our office at 954-566-9919 or by sending us an online message.



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