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Tag Archives: auto accident lawyers

What is Florida PIP Coverage?

By Editor |

Even extremely strong personal injury cases take time to settle. As a result, many injured victims find themselves struggling to pay medical bills and otherwise make ends meet while they wait for their settlements to come through. This can lead some to rely upon credit cards, high-interest loans and lawsuit funding lenders to bridge… Read More »

Your Insurance May Cover You Even if Your Car Wasn’t Involved

By Editor |

Most people know that insurance is designed to protect you from liability if you are involved in an accident. Some people also are aware that UM/UIM coverage can help compensate you when the at-fault driver is uninsured or has insufficient coverage to fully address your injuries. However, many are surprised to learn that their… Read More »

Vehicle Maintenance as a Factor in Car Crashes

By Editor |

In some cases, the careless or negligent act that causes an auto accident occurs long before the at-fault driver sits down behind the wheel. The right to own and operate a motor vehicle on Florida’s public roadways carries with it numerous obligations. In addition to an obligation to behave reasonably while operating a vehicle,… Read More »

When Prescription Drugs Cause Auto Accidents

By Editor |

Most often when we talk about driving under the influence we are referring to alcohol or illegal drugs. However, many therapeutic drugs with legitimate medical uses can also create a dangerous situation when used while behind the wheel. The fact that a drug was legally prescribed does not necessarily mean that its use is… Read More »

Why You May Want to Fight That Ticket

By Editor |

When issued traffic tickets — even ones they believe to be unfounded — people often elect to plead guilty and simply pay the fine. This is understandable given that the cost of taking a day off for traffic court can exceed the amount of the fine for a speeding infraction. Conversely, traffic tickets that… Read More »

Buying Auto Insurance Online Can Save You Money — and Cost You Dearly

By Editor |

Numerous humorous advertisements market cheaper auto insurance for a variety of companies. After being wooed to an insurer’s website, understandably you might be tempted by its promise to save you money. In some cases, you might truly find that you can spend less each month on your premiums for the same level of coverage…. Read More »

What to Do if You Are Involved in a Hit-and-Run Accident

By Editor |

A driver may flee a motor vehicle accident for a variety of reasons. She or he may have an outstanding arrest warrant, have a suspended driver’s license, have no insurance or be impaired by drugs or alcohol. Leaving the scene of an accident is not only wrong — it is also illegal. Florida Statutes… Read More »

Tired Driving Can Have Fatal Consequences

By Editor |

Earlier this year, a tractor-trailer driver set off a chain auto accident on Illinois I-88 Tollway that killed a Tollway worker and injured a state trooper. Crash investigators determined that truck driver Renato Velasquez had slept for only three-and-a-half hours and had been working for 38 hours at the time of the accident. They… Read More »

Can Injury Victims Prevail When the Drunk Drivers Who Injured Them Are Judged Not Guilty in Criminal Court?

By Editor |

Anyone who sustains injuries from the actions of a drunk driver must deal with the complexities of taking civil action against a person who also faces criminal charges. Since the two cases involve separate and distinct trials, however, the outcome of one trial does not affect the outcome of the other. The moment drunk… Read More »

Texting While Driving — A Dangerous Combination

By Editor |

In a video caught by a Fort Myers police dashboard camera, a car is seen swerving, veering over the divider lane, travelling at unsteady slow to quicker speeds, unnecessarily applying the brakes, running over the curb, and eventually hitting a telephone pole and a tree before flipping upside down. Miraculously, the man crawled from… Read More »

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