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Most Common Florida Car Crash Injuries

In the same way that no two car crashes are identical, the injuries sustained in accidents can vary significantly and depend on a number of factors, including the type of collision in question, as well as the health of the parties involved. There are, however, a few kinds of injuries that do tend to affect car accident victims most often, many of which result in expensive medical bills. If you were injured in an accident in Florida and have questions about your own recovery options, please contact our experienced Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorneys to learn more.

Head Injuries

Head injuries can occur in any type of accident, but are most likely to afflict those whose collisions cause their head to come into contact with the steering wheel, windshield, or window. Alternatively, many head injuries are not the result of blunt force trauma, but can be attributed to flying debris that comes loose during the crash. While the former tend to result in concussions, characterized by dizziness, swelling, temporary unconsciousness, nausea, and memory loss, the latter typically come with lacerations, the risk of serious blood loss, and potential brain damage. In either case, injured parties face significant pain and suffering, as well as expensive treatment, and in some tragic cases, permanent disability. Fortunately, injured parties can recover compensation for these losses by filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault individual or entity responsible for the crash.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Not all car crash injuries are immediately visible. Soft tissue injuries, for example, which occur when the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the body are damaged or experience some form of blunt force trauma can result in pain, swelling, bruising, and a loss of function. Sprains, strains, whiplash, and contusions all fall under this category, which, depending on their severity, could require surgery, medication, and physical therapy. One of the greatest risks posed by soft tissue injuries is that they often go undiagnosed and as time passes, could become more debilitating and require serious intervention. Getting a checkup after an accident is one of the best ways to avoid this.

Chest Injuries

Some of the most painful injuries stemming from car accidents are the result of the deployment of an airbag, which can cause bruising and broken ribs. Seat belts, which play an important role in protecting motorists from serious injury, can also cause chest injuries, as can coming into contact with the steering wheel or column upon impact. Chest injuries tend to heal slowly, making it especially important for those whose injuries can be attributed to someone else’s negligence, to speak with an attorney about collecting compensation for medical bills, as well as lost wages.

Injury to the Extremities

Broken fingers, arms, and legs are also relatively common in car accidents and tend to occur when a person is thrown against the inside of the car. Side impact crashes, or t-bone accidents, for example, often result in these types of injuries, while passengers traveling in the front seat are more prone to knee or leg injuries, which are caused by colliding with the dashboard or side door.

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