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Did You Suffer a Car Accident-Related Shoulder Injury?


Shoulder pain is one of the symptoms that is most commonly reported by car accident victims. While this comes as a surprise to many, it actually makes sense when you consider the types of forces that occur in a car crash.  Whether caused by a rear-end accident, a t-bone collision, or another type of crash, shoulder pain could be indicative of a serious underlying injury.

Types of Shoulder Injuries 

The shoulder is made up of ball and socket joint that is anchored by ligaments, tendons, and muscles and is connected to a variety of other bones, including the collarbone, shoulder blade, and upper arm bone. Unfortunately, because it is so complex, there are actually a lot of ways that the shoulder can become injured in a car accident. The most common injuries, however, include:

  • Sprains and strains, which can occur when the tissue or muscles in the shoulder are overly stretched and when left untreated, can lead to chronic shoulder pain and reduced mobility;
  • Dislocation, which occurs when the head of the upper arm bone is forced out of the socket by blunt force impact and requires immediate medical intervention;
  • Torn tendons, which can occur when a violent force actually results in the tendons disconnecting from the bone;
  • Fractured collarbones, shoulder blades, or upper arm bones; and
  • Torn rotator cuffs, which occur where the ball meets the shoulder socket and can cause significant pain and seriously limit a victim’s movement.

The type of shoulder injury a person sustains will depend largely on the kind of accident in question. A person, for instance, is much more likely to suffer dislocation and broken bones in side-impact collisions, where the front of a vehicle actually strikes the side of another vehicle directly. Sprains and strains, on the other hand, could occur in rear-end accidents while tears  could be the result of a rollover accident. Whatever the scenario, shoulder injuries can be extremely debilitating, painful, and expensive to treat.

Paying for Diagnosis and Treatment 

Diagnosing a shoulder injury usually requires a series of imaging tests, including X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, as well as a physical examination. Once diagnosed, a person can begin treatment, which could include everything from rest, compression, and icing to immobilization or surgical intervention. Even after treatment, many accident victims require physical therapy to reach full functionality or range of motion. Injured parties may also need to see specialists and take prescription medications. The cost of these treatments can quickly become burdensome. Fortunately, those who can prove that their shoulder injury was the result of someone else’s negligence could be entitled to reimbursement for these costs, as well as their lost wages and vehicle damage.

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