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Collisions Caused By Poor Vehicle Maintenance


There could be a lot of different reasons for a crash. Driver error, combined with inclement weather and bad road conditions, for instance, can create dangerous situations for even the most careful of motorists. One of the lesser known causes of car accidents, however, is poor vehicle maintenance, which plays a role in a surprising number of crashes.

Vehicle Maintenance Can Affect Road Safety

All drivers should conduct routine maintenance on their vehicles to make sure that they are in proper working order. Failing to do so can have devastating consequences. For instance, even something as simple as failing to change tires with worn treads could result in a blowout, resulting in a driver’s loss of control of the car, and a subsequent collision with one or more other drivers. Similarly, failing to make sure that one’s blinkers are working could lead to a lane change collision, while forgetting to change out old wiper blades could impact visibility to the point that a driver is unable to see an approaching vehicle, cyclist, or pedestrian. To avoid these kinds of problems, vehicle owners should be sure to conduct regular maintenance on their vehicles, especially on the parts that are more likely to wear out quickly.

Malfunctioning Vehicle Parts

Certain parts of a vehicle are more likely to wear out than others and so should be given special attention. This includes:

  • Headlights, brake lights, and turn signals;
  • Tires, which should be checked regularly for inflation problems, leaks, wearing, punctures, and tears;
  • Brakes, with drivers keeping an eye (or ear) out for a grinding or screeching noise, a pulsating brake pedal, or pulling to one side when braking; and
  • Steering systems, with special attention to steering belts and fluid levels, proper alignment, and a shaking or vibrating in the steering wheel itself.

All of these problems could be indicative of a serious safety issue, so drivers should remain vigilant for signs of wear and tear and should refrain from ignoring any dashboard warning lights that indicate the need for vehicle maintenance.

Liability for a Poorly Maintained Vehicle

Drivers who use vehicles that are unsafe due to poor maintenance are not only endangering their own safety, but the lives of anyone else on the road. When improper maintenance is to blame for a crash, careless drivers could be held liable for resulting injuries. These are not, however, the only people who could bear some responsibility for a maintenance-related crash. Third parties, like repair shops, for instance, that fail to perform proper maintenance can also be held liable for a resulting collision. In other cases, a defective part could have contributed to the accident, in which case, the manufacturer of the vehicle, or a specific parts manufacturer, could be legally responsible for an accident victim’s medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.

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