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Can I Collect Compensation if I was Broadsided on my Motorcycle?


Like those who operate standard sized passenger vehicles, motorcyclists are at risk of being involved in a number of different types of collisions, including rear end accidents, head-on crashes, and sideswipes. However, some of the most common types of accidents that motorcyclists find themselves in are t-bone accidents, in which they are broadsided by another vehicle. These kinds of collisions can be deadly for motorcyclists who are much less protected than drivers who are shielded by seat belts and airbags. Because they can result in such severe injuries, it is important for motorcycle crash victims to seek compensation from those who were responsible for their crash. Unfortunately, filing a claim can be difficult, especially for those who are recovering from a serious injury, so if you were injured in a motorcycle crash, please contact a member of our motorcycle accident legal team to learn more about your legal options.

Defining a Broadside Accident

Broadside accidents, which are also referred to as side-impact collisions, or t-bone crashes occur when a motorcyclist is struck from the side by another vehicle. Although these kinds of accidents can happen in a variety of situations, they almost always occur when:

  • A vehicle is attempting to change lanes; or
  • When a motorcyclist is driving through an intersection and a car traveling perpendicular to them strikes them broadside.

The most common causes of these types of accidents include:

  • A motorist’s failure to yield to motorcyclists who have the right of way;
  • Inattention or distraction if it causes a motorist to drift into nearby lanes, run red lights, or roll through stop signs;
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol; and
  • Poor visibility.

Typical Accident-Related Injuries

Regardless of their cause, broadside accidents almost always result in serious injuries that are both painful and difficult to treat. This is largely attributable to the fact that motorcyclists are generally unprotected from impact and are especially likely to suffer from lower limb injuries, such as bone fractures in the legs, hips, and feet. Broadside accidents also have a high rate of spinal cord injuries, which can cause limited mobility, nerve pain, and paralysis. The lower internal organs are also at risk in collisions between motorcyclists and motorists, as this area of the body is largely unprotected from impact. The resulting organ damage and internal bleeding can be deadly if left untreated and can also result in permanent disability. Finally, the force and placement of impact in broadside accidents usually cause the rider to be thrown from his or her seat. Being unseated in this manner also opens motorcyclists up to additional injuries, such as abrasions, lacerations, soft tissue injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Injuries also tend to be much more serious for riders who were not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

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