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Camera Footage Can Help Strengthen Your Car Accident Claim


Of the many kinds of evidence that accident victims can present to establish liability for a crash, video footage is among the most compelling. Whether it takes the form of video from a traffic camera, a surveillance camera, or even footage from a dashboard camera, video coverage can act as clear and objective proof of the course of events immediately prior to and during a crash. Obtaining this coverage, however, isn’t always a straightforward process, which is why it’s so important for accident victims to reach out to an attorney who can help them obtain the necessary evidence via a formal request or even a court order.

Traffic Camera Video Footage 

To obtain recordings from a traffic camera, accident victims will need to contact the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). These cameras stream events live, so footage may not be recorded or stored for a very long period of time. Fortunately, even if FDOT cannot provide footage of an accident, there are other forms of video recordings that claimants can seek when attempting to establish liability for a crash.

Photos from Red Light Cameras 

Many cities and municipalities in Florida use red light cameras at busy intersections to record when drivers run red lights. Although used primarily to deter negligence and traffic law violations, red light cameras can sometimes end up providing useful imagery that can strengthen an injured party’s accident claim. However, for this to occur, a red light camera would have to be triggered exactly at the time of a crash. Of course, if an accident was the result of a driver running a red light, there is a good chance that a photo can help identify the at-fault party or establish liability.

Photos from Speed Cameras

 This summer, Florida lawmakers officially legalized the use of speed cameras in school zones throughout the state. This means that motorists or pedestrians who are struck by negligent drivers in these areas may have access to photographs of their accident. Injured parties will need to contact the local police department to request access to those photos. It’s also important to take this step sooner rather than later, as there is still no clear timeframe for how long police officers are required to retain photos from speed cameras.

Footage from Surveillance Cameras 

Government operated cameras are not the only recording devices that capture accidents. Surveillance cameras placed at homes or businesses near an accident site, for instance, often record crashes. This means that to obtain that footage, an injured party will need to contact the owners of the cameras directly to request access to the recording. Even footage from doorbell and dashboard cameras can be used for this purpose. Again, it is important to seek copies of these videos as soon as possible, as many devices only store footage for a couple of weeks.

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