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A Rough Start To A School Day

Some students heading to school on a recent Thursday had a bit of a difficult start to their day when the school bus upon which they were riding was rear-ended by a pickup truck. According to this story about the bus and pickup truck accident, as a result of the impact, the back window of the bus shattered, and one student was hit by the broken glass. Fortunately, the student did not suffer any serious injuries and did not even require medical treatment – she continued on to school along with the rest of the students in another bus. It was fortunate not only for the student, but also for the driver of the pickup, as it could have been a lot worse – especially since witnesses alleged that the driver appeared impaired.

Florida’s Lack Of Tolerance For DUI

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, under Florida law, a DUI can be proven by any of several different means – actual impairment or a blood alcohol or breath alcohol level of .08 or above. Regardless of how it is proven, once convicted, the penalties are the same, and may include any combination of the following:

  • Fines;
  • Community service;
  • Probation;
  • Imprisonment;
  • Vehicle impoundment;
  • Conviction for misdemeanor/felony/manslaughter/vehicular homicide depending upon factors of DUI;
  • Driver’s license revocations/restriction; and/or
  • DUI school requirements.

If arrested for DUI, a driver could be released once they are no longer under the influence and either their normal faculties are no longer impaired, their blood or breath alcohol level has decreased to no more than .05, or it has been at least eight hours since they were arrested.

Increased Penalties For Repeat Offenders

If a drunk driver has previously been convicted of DUI, some categories of penalties increase for each subsequent time they are convicted. For example, with respect to fines, the first conviction comes with a fine of between $500 to $2000 depending upon the blood alcohol level and if there is a minor in the car, the second conviction carries with it a fine of between $1000 and $4000, again depending on those same factors, a third conviction results in a fine of between $2000 and $5000, and for each conviction after that, the fine will be at least $2000. Aside from the community service and probation penalties, other penalties also follow a similar structure of increases for subsequent convictions.

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If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a drunk driving accident, or any other type of accident, contact the Fort Lauderdale attorneys at Boone & Davis to speak with a caring and compassionate professional who will learn about the remedies available to you and what you need to do to pursue them. Our experienced attorneys know how to analyze the factors in your case and will be able to guide you towards recovery, both physical and financial. Contact us today by calling 954.556.5260 or reach us online to get started with a free consultation and learn how we can help to get what you are entitled to.

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