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The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Accidents happen in all forms and sizes, anywhere and everywhere. When one thinks about the types of accidents that occur on the highway, situations involving two or more vehicles crashing into each other are often the scenarios that come to mind. However, many accidents do not necessarily involve any impact at all between two vehicles; sometimes injuries occur as a result of something falling onto your car while you drive past – truly the case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. One local driver happened to be in just that predicament lately, when a crane fell off a truck and hit that driver’s car. Thankfully, and amazingly, the driver only suffered a minor injury, but the back of their car was flattened, an incident that could have been far worse with just a second or two difference in time.

Secure That Truckload

While the falling crane is something that does not happen every day, we have all driven behind a construction or other type of vehicle on the road that seems to be at risk of dropping whatever it is hauling at any given time. Whether it is just to avoid getting a chipped or cracked windshield from dropped gravel or because we fear that something far worse could drop onto our vehicles, we avoid driving behind these vehicles for any length of time. The law requires these types of vehicles to secure their loads, though it sometimes does not seem as though the drivers of these vehicles have put much effort into complying with the law. Florida Code Section 316.520 specifically addresses this situation and states that vehicles cannot be driven or moved on any highway unless measures have been taken to prevent any of its load from escaping from the vehicle. There is an exception for sand and water for traction and cleaning/maintenance purposes, but aside from this exception, everything must be secured in order to legally be moved on a roadway. The law further states that it is the responsibility of every driver and owner of these vehicles to ensure that these measures are taken.

What Penalties Are Involved When Truckloads Are Not Secured?

For those drivers and owners who fail to follow the law, the type of violation depends on the outcome. A failure to follow this law would be a noncriminal traffic violation, the same as a nonmoving violation. However, if a driver or owner willfully fails to follow this law, and as a result an individual suffers serious bodily injury or death, the violation then becomes a criminal traffic offense and a second degree misdemeanor. For the time it takes to prevent this type of incident, it is well worth it to prevent harm to an innocent bystander.

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