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What If My Accident Was Caused By Someone Driving A Company Car?


A company car is often one of the perks offered to employees who have to commute to work, or who drive as a part of their jobs, including everyone from city employees to plumbers and HVAC technicians. This type of arrangement can, however, cause complications in car accident cases, especially when the driver of the company car is the at-fault party. This is because in certain cases, it is not only the motorist who is driving the company car, but also his or her employer that can be held liable for resulting damages. For help navigating this type of claim in Florida, please reach out to our experienced Fort Lauderdale auto accident lawyers.

Driving a Company Car vs Driving a Private Vehicle

Driving a company car is different from driving a private vehicle, as company cars are most often owned or leased by employers for the express purpose of an employee’s use in conducting business. While it is true that some higher level managers or executives may be given company cars in recognition of their status, most company cars are provided to help employees do their job. For instance, a county building inspector will drive a county vehicle to get to inspections, while a pest control business will allow employees to use their vans or trucks to carry equipment and get to appointments. In these cases, employers can be held liable for the actions of their employees. Motorists who are driving their own private vehicles, on the other hand, will be solely liable for their negligence.

Employer Liability

Drivers who cause accidents while in a company car, as well as their employers, could be facing a lawsuit if their negligence contributed to or caused a serious accident. How the driver was using the vehicle could also come into play in these cases. If, for instance, the accident occurred during business hours, while a technician was on the way to an appointment, the driver, as well as his or her employer, could be held liable for resulting damages. If, on the other hand, a driver was taking his daughter to soccer practice on a weekend evening when the accident occurred, the employer may attempt to avoid liability by arguing that the driver was not acting within the course and scope of his or her employment at the time of the crash.

Fortunately, even if a driver wasn’t technically operating on an employer’s behalf at the time of an accident, he or she will usually still be covered by the employer’s insurance. These policies are often much more substantial than the driver’s personal policy and can help cover the extensive costs that so often accompany serious accidents, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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At Boone & Davis, our experienced Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers have been dedicated to helping our clients recover compensation after their car accidents for more than 40 years. We have experience handling all types of cases, including claims that involve the liability of an employer, so if you were hurt in an accident by someone driving a company car, please don’t hesitate to call 954-566-9919 for advice.



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