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Electrical Worker Severely Injured During Fire

Electrical work is inherently dangerous – often working with live wires and in precarious work environments – and accidents can easily occur that cause significant injuries, including death. One local electrical worker recently experienced extreme burns while performing electrical work; according to reports, the worker was in a bucket truck and believed to have come in contact with electrical lines, which sparked the fire. The man suffered second and third degree burns on the majority of his body as a result.

Construction Work Hazards

Though the injured electrical worker was not involved in construction work at the time of his accident, electricians are often a main component of any construction project. Construction work is commonly regarded as one of the most dangerous lines of work one can be involved in; studies have shown that one in five worker deaths in 2014 was in the construction industry. The long hours and hazardous working conditions combine to create less than desirable work environments that make it absolutely critical every available precaution is taken to ensure workers are kept safe from harm on the job.

Electrical Work Part Of The Fatal Four

The Fatal Four – what is this? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) studies have shown that within the construction industry, four categories of accidents are responsible for more than half of the fatal injuries incurred by construction workers. These four categories include electrocutions as well as falls, getting caught in/between objects, and being struck by objects. OSHA has created safety checklists for various construction industry jobs including electrical work; some of the tips offered to lessen the chances of injuries and deaths resulting from electrical work accidents include:

  • Making sure power is shut off/grounded before beginning work;
  • Protecting against cord damage and replacing worn or damaged electrical cords;
  • Ensuring proper grounding;
  • Using the proper equipment for the job;
  • Using proper safety equipment and protective systems; and
  • Ensuring equipment does not come within ten feet of power lines.

Construction Worksites – A Combined Force

Unlike many other work environments that may involve just the worker, his or her employer, and co-workers, a construction site often includes many different workers from various companies working alongside each other to complete a project. When accidents happen, they may be a result of many factors and not attributable to just one source. Consider, for example, a situation in which an electrician is working in a situation that involves unfinished foundations or temporary flooring that contributes to the electrician’s unsafe working conditions; in a case such as this, who is at fault for any accident that occurs and injures the electrician?

Let Us Assist You

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