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Distraction-Related Pedestrian Accidents


Pedestrian accidents, like any other type of accident, occur for a variety of different reasons, many of which involve driver or pedestrian distraction. Determining whether this type of distraction played a role can have a significant impact when it comes to recovering damages, so if you were involved in a car accident in Florida that was caused by either driver distraction, pedestrian distraction, or a combination of both, you should contact an experienced auto accident attorney who can explain your legal options.

Distracted Drivers

Drivers who become distracted are at a much higher risk of colliding with obstacles, which includes other vehicles and pedestrians. The most common distractions include:

  • Talking on the phone or texting;
  • Eating or drinking;
  • Restraining pets or young children;
  • Smoking;
  • Talking to passengers; and
  • Personal grooming.

This type of behavior is dangerous for drivers at all times, but is especially so when pedestrians are nearby, whether walking on a sidewalk or crossing at an intersection, as collisions between vehicles and pedestrians tend to have especially devastating consequences.

Distracted Pedestrians

Distracting behavior is not limited to drivers, but can also affect pedestrians who often become distracted as a result of:

  • Listening to music through their headphones;
  • Looking down at their phones while walking;
  • Walking while under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Trying to control unruly pets;
  • Speaking with friends;
  • Eating or drinking;
  • Reading a book or newspaper;
  • Searching for something in a purse, backpack, or suitcase; and
  • Daydreaming.

These types of distractions can significantly inhibit pedestrian situational awareness, putting both pedestrians and others at risk of injury in the event of a collision.

Common Injuries

Distractions, whether they involve a driver or a pedestrian, can result in serious injury for either, or both parties. Common injuries include:

  • Bruises;
  • Abrasions;
  • Lacerations; and
  • Bone fractures.

When traffic is moving quickly, pedestrians could also suffer more serious injuries, such as head trauma and internal bleeding, both of which can cause permanent disability or even result in death. Nerve damage, dislocated joints, amputation, and road rash are also common amongst pedestrians who are injured in car accidents.

Comparative Negligence

Fortunately, even when a pedestrian is partly at fault for an accident, he or she will not automatically be barred from recovery. This is because Florida adheres to the legal theory of comparative negligence, which states that accident victims can still recover damages even if they contributed to their own accidents, although the amount that they can collect will be reduced by their degree of fault in causing the crash. For help determining your own level of fault in causing an accident and how likely you are to recover damages, please contact our legal team today.

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